You cannot legally enforce righteousness, nor make people holy by rules. Source unknown Holiness is the ultimate desirable for us Christians. We all want to be holy. Our lives are designed towards that end. None of us wants to miss out on heaven, and we are told that without holiness, no one can see God. … Continue reading LEGALISM: THE REPLACEMENT FOR LOVE IN THE QUEST FOR HOLINESS


Tongues Induced Dissimulations…

One of the oh so many controversies of the Christian walk - speaking in tongues... seen by some denominations as propesterous but understood by others as being a normal part of this life we live. First off, the bible is clear on tongues being a result of the Holy Spirit's influence, a manifestation of sorts … Continue reading Tongues Induced Dissimulations…

Lessons from Lack

Lack can be a dreadful thing. There is a feeling of constant uncertainty, a feeling of standing on shifting sands. There is the fear of emergencies, the distrust of anything that threatens to take you outside your planned survival method for the period. Moreover, there is hunger; lots of hunger. As a student, I have … Continue reading Lessons from Lack