This won is Authentic Sah!

This word might mean different things to different people, but growing up in Nigeria and buying things from my Igbo brothers has made it mean something extra to me.

Here is what comes to mind when i think of the word AUTHENTIC

Oga see this won

Oga see authentic here

Nwannem negodu this won is authenic eemported


Tah! My friend, this thing is fake jor…

It’s China something…

Oga na lie oh…

This won is the original China won…

See nah…

*Bends shoe into amazing contortions*

See as e strong…


Oya how much?

Because of you oh,

Oya bring tiri faive







Oga I no give you prize oh…

Oya bring 2k, let me just sell

I will give you one faive…


Oga e no good oh.

Make am won eight

abeg, make my oga no flog me


Oya take, give me my change

Oga tank you oh!



The shoes spoils the first time it rains when you’re wearing it.

The End.

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